Duty Schedule Grid (v25)

Good day,

I very much like the changes that you have made to the dashboard timetable to display teacher duties and activities. Stylish!

However, there is a problem with the viewing grid for the duty schedule. It cuts off before the end of the week in all web browsers I use.

Best regards,
Andy Richards, BWIC.

Hi Andy, thanks for your kind words! :smiley:

That is odd. There should be a horizontal scroll bar to be able to scroll over to the right. It did need some width-limiting code to prevent it from squishing the sidebar, but this does seem to be very cut-off (although your screen seems quite wide too). Does it let you scroll to the right?

Hi Sandra,

My main screen is a 24 inch wide screen coupled with a 22 inch wide screen. I have tried it on a separate system with a 22 inch screen and the same applies. I can scroll to the right; it’s just inconvenient. As you stated, it is definitely a width-limiting problem. What about responsive scaling like in web pages?.

An extra question; do I assume correctly that the schedule is designed to be a living entity which is updated from year to year as duty cover changes?

Thanks, Andy.

Thanks Andy, I had thought it was scaling better when I created it, but I’ll take a look at it and see about a fix to make it more responsive.