Dutch language 'burgerlijke stand'


there is something in Gibbon which I do not understand. When administrating the users, adding, or modifying users, there’s an option to choose ‘Burgerlijke stand’ in the category ‘Systeemtoegang’. As a description text it says: "Dit bepaalt de zichtbaarheid in het systeem’.

‘Burgerlijke stand’ is in Dutch comparable to ‘Marrital status’ or ‘Civil status’ so I have no clue what it is ment by it. I’m sure it is a translation bug, but it would be good to have this fixed. What would be the English word used? The options I can use to select are: ‘Volledig, Cesuur, Uitgeschreven and Wachten op goedkeuring’. I have no clue what ‘Cesuur’ would refer to either.

If I’d know how, I could fix it for our install, but I’m sure a general fix in this translation would be a good thing :-).


Hi Bart,

I think what you’re seeing is the User Status, which indicates whether the user is active in the system: Full is for current users, Left is for past users, Expected is for students in the upcoming year (for rollover), and Pending Approval I believe is for public registration.

Here is what it looks like in English:

To fix it on your system you could setup String Replacements (in System Admin) to replace the incorrect words with a translation that makes more sense. I’m sure you’d also be welcome to contribute your fixes to the translations so they’re included in the next version.

Hope this helps!

Bart, Sandra is on the right lines for a quick fix. Longer term, would you be interested in helping to contribute to the translation effort by improving such issues as you find them? If so I can invite you to our collaborative editing tool, POEditor. Ross.


sorry for my late reply. It has been quite busy here. I’ll try to fix it as skuipers suggests. I sure don’t mind to help with fixing translations.


Bart, no worries, I know the feeling! If you can email us your full name to support@gibbonedu.org we will add you to the Dutch team. Thanks : ) Ross