Dutch - front page


I discovered quite some translation issues with the Dutch version of the system. I’ve already mailed to participate in translation for future versions. But I have a current install of course.

The issue I encounter now is the front page without being logged in. The text is only partially in Dutch and the headings are in English, also the words used in the login form are in English. Is there a way to translate this on the current install?

I have more issues in other parts of the system, I’ll post them in the relevant sub-forums :slight_smile:


I’ve logged in poeditor, and made some small changes and additions. But I’ve noticed that some of the translations are ready for 9 months, but they don’t seem to be implemented in my installs of gibbon (e.g. translation of the word ‘welcome’ on the index page, translation of applications for teachers.
The version we use is 13.0.01, quite recently installed.


Thanks for contributing via POEditor. The first step to test where your issue is, is to download the latest PO and MO files for Dutch from POEditor, install them in your /i18n folder, into the relevant sub folders for Dutch (e.g. /i18n/nl_NL/LC_MESSAGES). Then restart your web server.

If the strings are still not being translated, head into the code, and locate the strings (most likely /index.php if on the homepage) and make sure the strings are wrapped in the __() function. Let us know of any strings you find not wrapped so, and we can update the v14 development branch.

Sorry the translations are imperfect…it is a work in progress by the community!



Hi Ross,
Is poeditor still used for translating the PO files?
I created an account on poeditor.com, but fail to find the translation section for gibbon. Can you explain how to get there?

May I suggest to start using transifex instead of poeditor. It is completely free for opensource projects: https://www.transifex.com/

Hi Robb, please can you email your address to support@gibbonedu.org and we will invite you to join the POEditor team for Dutch. Transifex looks good, but I’m not sure we have the resources right now to look into switching. We’ve found POEditor to be really solid, and also free for FOSS projects.

No problems if you find poeditor a good and workable option. There is no need in changing a winning team is there…
I dropped a message through email.
Thnx, I will see what I can do for the Dutch translation…