Download Invoices/Receipts in bulk

It’s there any way we can have the feature that can download invoices of students in bulk? We have a school of about 800 students and printing their invoices one by one is quite tedious( we can equally send them to family emails but they are not conversant with that)

I am also very interested in this. Any pointers?

I am also very interested in this. Any pointers?

I haven’t yet seen anything

Hi tenko and niiokai, this feature doesn’t exist and it’s currently not on our road map. We’d certainly welcome any developers who with to add this and contribute it to the core :smile:

There as an option to bulk export invoice details to a spreadsheet, so I suppose one way to generate these could be to export the invoice data and then mail-merge it into a template to generate invoice details for each person, using excel or any other software that does data-merge/mail-merge.

Thank you for the feedback. I tried to generate some code using chatgpt, i couldn’t get a hang on it. It didn’t work.