Hello !

First of all, thank you very much for the amazing work you are doing on Gibbon. I’m slowly discovering the platform and the extent of its flexibility… I really hope that I can contribute small things soon enough !

I’m working in a small school, where we try to accept virtually anyone, even if they can’t afford the full price of our activities. In our organization, everybody knows that the way this works is that some families who can afford it generously pay a bit more : that’s why our current online payment system allows anyone to add a “tip”, or “donation” of a chosen amount.

I tried to find an not to difficult way of adding such an option within the online payment processes, using existing customization options, but I didn’t find any clue… Do you have any idea ? Or is it a feature you might be willing to develop ?

Thank you very much !

Hi pl1997, thank you for your kind words about Gibbon! It’s great to hear that your school is so welcoming in it’s admissions. Currently there isn’t a donation feature. The only way I could think of adding something like this using the current features is to add a field to the application form (using System Admin > Form Builder) for families to enter the amount that they’d like to donate/pay extra, and then after the form is submitted someone on your end could issue an invoice using the ad-hoc fees option (which lets you type in any amount). This would be a two-step workaround, but could work well.