Dividing school in tiers

Hi, if a school runs from nursery to Senior high, can the school be divided into tiers, such that persons only working in a sub-sections can access.

Hi James. I know that @ross has some approaches to partially solve such questions, as her school is split into tiers in the way you describe. I don’t think she is doing quite what you want, but she has some related experience. The system does not lend itself to this I am afraid, although I know it would be useful. Ross.

Hi James! :smiley:

Our school is K-12 so we’ve tackled a few of these issues and for others just adapted to the system:

  • Markbook, Attendance, Planner access: these can be set so a teacher only has access to their own classes through Permissions.
  • Timetabling: we use one timetable per tier (Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School) and assign classes to each timetable.
  • User Access: this one isn't as easy to divide by person, but in many cases there are school admin/office staff that need high levels of access, and those that need lower levels of access, so we use a few different Roles to separate these. Generally, if we're granting a user full access to student data, they should be trustworthy to access all students rather than needing to divide into tiers.
  • Terms: this one we've just adapted to, and picked a common set of terms that makes the most sense for the school overall. There's actually not a lot in the system that is strictly tied to terms, so possible to just use one term for the whole school year (essentially disabling that feature).

Hope this helps! Give a shout with any questions.

@ross Thank you for your input. I will see if I can work with those.