Distinction between System Administrator and DBA

Hi Ross,

 What is the distinction between me the DBA and the system administrator? Aren’t they the same in essence?

Willpro, good question. The System Admin is responsible for the functioning of the entire system, whereas the DBA is the person in school specifically in charge of student and school data. In a small school they may well be the same person: in a big school not. Hope this helps. Ross.

TThanks for your quick response. With your experience, how much access as regards to permission should be given to the DBA in a a school of about 900 students?

Willpro, this is a good question, and it depends on the member of staff in question. In my two schools, the person filling this role is very trustworthy and technically competent, and so they have full access as Administrator. If this was not the case, I might copy the Administrator role and then cut out access to System Admin and some aspects of School Admin. Thanks, Ross.

Thanks much