Discussion Groups for Parents


We are excited to use this system for our Sunday School.
Our Sunday School has proper grade level curriculum for all students. We are set on Students part.

We also have “Adult Study Discussion Groups” for parents and they get enrolled in one of the discussion groups.
Adult Study -1 ( Beginner 1 → Textbook1)
Adult Study -2 ( Intermediate 1 → Textbook2)
Adult Study -3 ( Advance 1 → Textbook4)

Goal: To track which parents are part of which discussion group and what text was covered for that group.
Question: How do you recommend integrating this info.

Steps: ??

  1. Create “Adult Learning” under Manage Department
  2. Add courses under Timetable Admin > Manage Courses & Classes


Hi Pinal, sounds like you’re off to a good start setting up your system. If your Adult Study groups are not as complex as student classes, my recommendation would be to use the Activity system for these groups. It would allow you to setup the groups and add people to them, without requiring the same type of school year enrolments and timetabling that using the course & classes system requires. Hope this helps!

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