disable the BACKGROUND, MISC fields

Can you please make it so we can disable all of the fields in the BACKGROUND section
Country of Birth
Citizenship 1
Citizenship 2
United States ID Card
First Language
Second Language
Third Language
United States Residency/Visa Type
United States Visa Expiry Date

Also can you please make it so we can disable the MISC fields
Vehicle Registration
Locker Number

If possible could you make it so we can disable all the fields that are not necessary?
We also do not use: Official Name, House, and Name in Characters

Thanks so much. This would help us in the short term quite a lot.

Hi jemmyn, thanks for taking the time to make these suggestions and requests. Unfortunately, at the moment our programming time is almost entirely taken up with the rebuilding of the current codebase, so that we can, in due course, look to make the whole system much more maintainable and add support for mobile responsiveness. At current we just don’t have the capacity to make the kind of changes you are looking at. I’ll tag @ross here, just in case she sees things different.

I notice that this post has lingered unanswered for a while…sorry for the delay, it seems I never saw or received the notification for this one.