Difference of Free Learning to Default Courses, Classes and Units

Hi, I am trying to explore the free learning module. I am a little bit confused as to what makes the free learning module different to the existing courses and units. I explored the free learning module and you can create lessons or subjects that the students can choose to enroll. Isn’t this just a redundancy to the existing feature without this module. I mean, the teacher can already create courses and lessons. Is there a feature I am missing as to why this free learning module is created?

I am actually confused as if I would install the module or not. Here is what I am trying to achieve in my school setup. It is quite simple actually.

Teacher will prepare 4 courses. Each course contains 5 tasks that the students need to complete to pass the course. Once course 1 is completed, the student can enroll to course 2. students could not progress to the last course unless completing the previous courses.For guys already familiar with gibbon, i’d like to ask if it is better to achieve this setup using the free learning or not?

I look forward to your suggestions.Thank you so much.

Hi betasystem101,

This is a good question. Free Learning represents a completely different approach to learning, in which students choose their own learning pathways, independent from their teacher.

You can read more at this link, and hopefully this answers some of your questions.



I see, thanks Ross. I’m still exploring Gibbon features as of the moment and still trying to see what works best for our setup. Again, very big thanks!

You are most welcome! It is a big system, with many options, and so the learning curve can be steep. Good luck, and keep the questions coming!