Difference between Free learning - Free learning PD

Hi Ross,

Tell me more please about:
1. New module Free Learning PD : what does initials PD?
2. What is the fundamental difference between the two modules?(Free Learning/free learning PD?)
3. Free learning activity PD - Manage Module - Add …Constrains tab - add Prerequisites units - how does work, i do not understand how to add prerequisites, please post a small example. I like your ideea to grouping students, because we work individually , or in teams of two, threes, four,fives  great great ideea 
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The PD stands for Professional Development: this is a module that uses Free Learning to educate teachers, rather than students. It is a fork on the Free Learning module, modified for teachers…but it is somewhat out of date compared the the student-focused Free Learning module.

At some point I will need to either update the module, or integrate its functionality into the regular Free Learning module.

In term of prerequisites, these are units that need to be completed before a unit can be undertaken. This allows you to build up a hierarchical tree/web of units, allowing student progression, as you can see here.



Now it’s better, thank you very much.


Within ten days Gibbon production site will be launched in Romania for my students!
Thanks Ross!
V13 Gibbon - a full backup project  is ok?

Iulian, that is very exciting news, thanks for keeping my up to date!

Can you expand more on your comment “V13 Gibbon - a full backup project  is ok?”, as I do not understand : )

Please don’t apologise for your English (referring to another post here)…it is far better than my Romanian!