Design: 2 fields in 1 row

Hello Gibbon-Team,

im currently changing our applicationForm.
For example: Address Informations

I want the street and the housenumber in the same Row in 2 seperate fields.

As you can see the format for those fields seems a bit off. Any idea how resize them?
I found some classes like (‘md:max-w-lg’) or (‘mr-1 w-1/3 sm:w-1/4’) but couldnt get a useful result.

Thank you in advanced!

Hi ub123,

Try shortWidth`, it’s a built-in sizing class designed to be half the standard width, minus margins.

Example from the staff contract page

`$row = $form->addRow();
$row->addLabel('salaryAmount', __('Salary'));
    $col = $row->addColumn('salaryAmount')->addClass('right inline');

Exactly what i needed! Looks much better now.

Thank you sandra!