Departments Creation and Learning Area Outcome

Nobel Educators,

Thanks to the Writer of Gibbon Software, please can someone help me on how to create Departments in the school Admin Manage Department with learning Area and link it to the learning Area outcome under manage outcome, I will appreciate step by step Explanation on the creation and linking learning outcome with learning Area.

Thanks for your usual generosity,

Best regard

Hi Francis,

We are happy to help : ) In Admin > School Admin > Manage Departments use the + icon to add a new department. Chose the type Learning Area, and assign record staff and other information.

Then, under Learn > Planner > Manage Outcomes, you can use the + icon to create an outcome. Outcomes can have the School or Learning Area scope: if you choose the latter, you can then choose one of your departments from a drop down list. The new outcome is now associated with that department.

Gibbon divides departments into Learning Areas and Administrative, in order to show the right kinds of departments in the right places.



Thanks, I will try it