Department short name length

Hello, I need to extend the short name per dept from 4 to 8 characters under V21. I have changed the value under phpmyadmin for the relevant entry but Gibbon will still only accept the default 4 characters.

Is there somewhere else where it needs to altered or simply something I’m missing.

Many thanks


Hi georgebailey,

Yes, the database field is also limited to the same amount. If you have access to your MySQL database, look for the gibbonDepartment table and try editing the varchar length to match.

Hope this helps!

Can you please remind me where to add and edit departments? I just can’t remember. :wink:

Hi Roman, head to Admin > School Admin > Manage Departments.

If you type “Department” into Fast Finder, it’ll also take you where you want to go, and then you can use the breadcrumb trail to find out where you are.



Hi Sandra, i changed varchar in mysql but still only able to enter 4 characters. Is there somewhere in the gibbon code or admin that also needs changing?

Thanks for your help.

Oops, I accidently read your question backwards. Yes, there’s two places to change, in the database, and in the form itself. If you look at the URL of the page you’re on, that will tell you where to find the file to edit. In this case, it’s modules/School Admin/department_manage_add.php and modules/School Admin/department_manage_edit.php. If you look in these scripts, you’ll see that these fields have a maxLength defined, which can be edited. As a note, any changes you make to the codebase will be overwritten the next time you update Gibbon, so be sure to make note of any changes you make.

Many thanks for your kind assistance…