Deleting Attendance Codes


My school uses different attendance codes for their register but I am needing to delete the default attendance codes that come installed with Gibbon. I have currently changed all of the default attendance codes to inactive but I need to use one of the attendance codes that come default with gibbon for another code.

Is there anyway I can delete them? There’s no option to delete them currently.

Hi @DLenny welcome to the Gibbon forums.

The attendance codes were introduced in an earlier version of Gibbon, so the main reason they cannot be deleted was to prevent any loss of data on existing systems. As you’ve noted, the codes can be deactivated, but I can see where this might not be enough for the edge case where your new code uses the same letter. In this case, as long as you haven’t already been using the codes, you could safely delete them via the database without any loss of data. They can be found in the gibbonAttendanceCode table. I wouldn’t recommend deleting the Present code, as this may cause some unexpected behaviour in the system in areas that use this code for attendance calculations. Another option is renaming the codes via the database.

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for this! Much appreciated.

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