Delete Student Notes?

I was testing the student note feature, but I can’t seem to find a way to delete the note I already made?


We removed the ability to delete student notes in v13, as it was proving problematic that some vital information was being deleted. The current option is to do it via the database, which is obviously somewhat perilous! Do you perceive a long-term need to be able to delete notes? If so, we can add an option to allow this.


I guess it’s only a problem now because I didn’t have any real intention of making a note. I think one thing that might be convenient would be the ability to edit the date on the note. I imagine I might not always write notes the same day as class, and I would like to have the dates and classes line up. But maybe that’s not quite the purpose of the notes feature?

Peter, I can see that editing the date on creation would be useful, but not after creation (as this would mean that you could revise sensitive information). Before we commit to making this change can you let me know what you feel the purpose of notes are, and I can then see if there is a more purpose-built part of the system to use. Cheers : ) Ross

For me, I use them to reflect on how my students did during class. But actually, I think the way it works is fine. No need to add or edit anything. I can just change the title to the proper date for my purposes.

Although I guess I’m not sure what you mean by revising sensitive information. If that’s something you wanted to protect, couldn’t someone just edit the note and change the info?

Peter, sounds like a good approach we tend to use the Markbook to record student progress, as well as Behaviour, but I can see Notes being used in this way.

If you edit a note, the original contents are logged when the edit is made, so you can go back and check for revisions. Trying to find a balance between functionality and control on this one!


Ah that’s cool. Yeah in my school we don’t really use consistent grades, so I only used the markbook for tests. I like that the notes feature can all be seen in one place, with a quick drag down button. Usually a parent comes in asking about their child, so my staff can just pull up some recent notes about the student and share with the parent. But maybe I’ll take a deeper look at the markbook to see if I want to switch over.