Delete and log of Resources

Lets say I need to delete some resources files already uploaded by teachers, they are very old and they are not gonna be used anymore, how do i delete them?.. I cant find any option to delete in Manage Resources and View Resources !!
Another question is, how can I see who belong or who uploaded different files contained in the Modules folder??, is there a kind of monitoring option o a log to see details??

Adolfo, the problem with deleting resources is that you don’t know who else is using them at any time…so for this reason we did not include a delete function. If you really wanted to, you’d could remove them from the database, but you would need to manually adjust the tag counts.

Access to the module folder is controlled via your server, not the Gibbon code (which has no feature for uploading code). Hopefully only your system admin has access to edit the contents of such folders. Your OS might log such actions, but it seems unlikely, as they are so common.


For the 1st question, I´m still working with Gibbon in a “trial” mode, so everything uploaded to the resources folder was did it by me, so once the system is working for the entire school I dont want people to see the files I uploaded, I wan it clean, how do I clean the resources folder without affecting the entire Gibbon?.

For the second question, I made a mistake, the right questions is: how can I see who belong or who uploaded different files contained in the UPLOAD folder?? :smiley: :smiley:


For the first question, you can delete all rows from gibbonResource and gibbonResourceTag. The files will be there behind the scenes…if you want to delete them, you will need to find their locations from within gibbonResources before you delete all rows, and then go through and remove them.

You cannot directly see, in /uploads, who a particular file belongs to. These relationships exist in the Gibbon database, but they are spread across a number of files, depending on the context from which the upload was made.

Hope this helps.