Database Update Issue

Now that the school year is over, I am starting to perform admin tasks on our Gibbon installation.
According to the System admin section, we are running V16 with a V14 Database.

Over the next week, I want to update everything, do the rollover and input next year’s timetable.

When I tried to update the database, I got a lot of red error messages a sample below:

The first time I tried, it almost completed, with just a couple of errors, how can I fix this and stabilise it?

What is the best path to follow to end up with V18 Gibbon and V18 database?

Many thanks.

Also, is it best to rollover now then update or update then rollover?

I’m rather confused. You are running Gibbon v16 with a v14 database?

Does it mean you updated your sources without updating your db. How can this even work?

Did you have a failed db update in the past?

Can you show where you get the info regarding 16/14 from?

Anyway, this is a rather critical phase. Ensure to do a backup after every major step.

It is also advisable to test an update on an identical trial setup before touching your productive system.

Technically it shouldn’t matter much when you do your rollover. However, a rollover is a rather easy exercise unlike a Gibbon update, which can be hard just like you experience it. Tackle the Gibbon update when there is enough time to fix things. :slight_smile:

I originally installed Gibbon V14 then updated to V16 when I got the message that V14 was out of date (I followed old instructions initially to get my install working.) I tried to update the database soon after but it failed after almost completing. System has run since December 2018 in this state. The school is currently closed, so it is a good time to work on this. The whole VM where I run Gibbon is backed up automatically every 24 hours and no new data is being added in at the moment.

Thank you!

Don’t worry. We’ll likely sort things out once backups are kept :slight_smile:

Let’s wait for Ross or/and Sandra to comment on your issue.

Should you not be able to fix things on your own, we’ll do it for you. I do not have time for this until same day next week tho.

Our reporting module broke and needs fixing. End of year times are always critical and there’s plenty of work preparing guardian documentation like annual attendance reports, term and promotional reports, and all invoices for the next academic year.

Gibbon rocks! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Indeed it does! :slight_smile:

You might think about the MyISAM to InnoDB changes that were made in the upgrades to MySQL during the period of time since version 14. Those database engines do behave slightly differently. Good luck.

Thank you, hope its easy to fix, I have now rolled over so that at least was straightforward it seems to be working OK so far but I guess this update will need to be done at some point…