Database Import Error


I was trying to import student user information and ran into an error where the import would not recognize certain strings. It seemed somewhat random:

I was unable to resolve it through the import tool and ended up manually updating those entries using SQL queries.

Hi tr_james,

Looks like the errors are on Languages and Citizenship (country names). Gibbon has a specific set of available strings for each, so if it’s not recognized it’ll throw an error.

In this case, “Karen”, “Kachin” and “Chin” are not being recognized as valid languages. It appears “South Korea” is listed as “Korea, Republic of” in the database, and in your data “Philippines” has a typo, and should have only 1 l.

Hope this helps!

Thanks - that does help. I manually updated these fields through SQL. Do you know if that will be an issue later? Will we get an error on saving these records in the future or any other issues? Is the Languages and Citizenship area editable through the admin interface?


I think you should be okay with the changes you’ve made. Saving records & validation is checked against those database tables, so as long as the values line up it should be good. Right now those tables aren’t editable through the UI, they’re mostly used for populating drop-down lists.