Database garbage

I admire your commitment to Gibbon! And I am already very excited about the Form Builder.
Thank you very much for that.

Is there any method to clean up orphaned data from the databases?

I deleted 1x test student, teacher, parent and family manually.
Through the dashboard, everything seemed to be clean.

After I checked a db-dump in a simple text editor, I still came across some “deleted” data.
(Sorry I’m not that familiar with phpadmin etc. So I will need your Query Builder module sooner or later :-))

What is the pure, proper method to completely delete a user, student, etc. from the system?

Thanks & Greatings

Hi rovanov. Generally, throughout Gibbon, when a record is deleted it will delete any attached records to help prevent orphaned entries as you’ve noticed. However, the user records in the gibbonPerson table are the most interconnected in the system, and by default it does not delete attached data, as this could cause unwanted loss of data. Aside from test cases you’ve described, there’s very little reason to delete a user in Gibbon in a live server, as even once a student has left, it’s best to retain their school data. Deleting a user in a live server would likely cause more harm than good, which is one reason the user deletion permission is separated off from the Manage Users default permission and should only be used in rare cases.

Thanks Sandra!