Data import excel template?

Hi I have just set up a local installation of Gibbon to test the functionality, I have used OpenRefine to clean up our student data file, however, after trying to run an import I have 1602 errors for the 205 records I am trying to import, I wanted to ask if there was an Excel template I could use for importing student/parent and teacher information?

Or have a missed something in the initial setup, creating user fields or replacing the ones that already exist to match our data?

To give some context, these are the column names

Ok scrap that I was being lazy, the Youtube videos provide the info I need.

Thanks in advance


Hi Mike, yes, next to each of the import options is an export option, which will download a blank spreadsheet with the columns pre-filled for you. However, the importer will also let you associate columns when you’re importing, so your current columns may work.

Gibbon is quite specific about the format of data it accepts, in order for everything to connect when uploaded. If you’re encountering errors, be sure to check the table on the selected import that explains the expected data, for example:

For example, gender must be a single character, rather than a word. For many fields that are connected to other records, the shortName is used to reference that data when importing. Hope this helps!

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Thanks, Sandra, I’ve done a basic import for students/staff from our old system, I will get the admin staff to update the rest of the fields.

I noticed on the student import the studentID which was our unique id for our old system, is it the UID for gibbon?