Data Dictionary and Entity Diagram


I know that the database is fairly simple in structure, but has anyone created a data dictionary and an entity diagram? If not I’m willing to help out with that. I’ve worked with a fair number of SIS systems from a technical role (DBA, integrator, and analyst/institutional researcher), and know what things generally work well and what don’t, and I am willing to help with database structure (if that helped is appreciated, I know it isn’t always, as when I tried to make a suggestion to another open source SIS).

Jacob, welcome to the Gibbon community! Your offer is definitely most welcome, and documentation is something that we do need to work on improving, both at the developer and user levels. We have a developer back channel on Slack, if you email your address to I can add you there, and you can ask the questions needed to get started. @ross is doing some documentation work at the moment, so she might have some input for you too. Thanks for the offer of help! Ross.

Hi Jacob, welcome! I’d certainly be keen to chat and learn more about this :smiley:

That sounds good. It might be good to have a synchronous chat, like via phone, Skype, IRC, or something of the like, so I can understand the project’s current plans, and think about how I can contribute best, within the constraints I have

Jacob, that sounds doable. What timezone are you in? Sandra and I are both GMT +8.