Data Admin module is not running

Hi Sandra,
I am using gibbon for testing in a windows 10 PC with WAMP 64 bit server installed. I have added and activated the “Data Admin” module but to my surprise though all other menu are working normally but “import from file” is not. when I am clicking on the Import cog-wheel (linkfor example: http://localhost/lms/index.php?q=/modules/Data%20Admin/import_run.php&type=studentEnrolment) it is producing a blank page only with Gibbon page header like this

Can not find out what is the wrong here. Please help.

Hi Chinmoy,

If you check out, you’ll see there are currently two versions of Data Admin: one for Gibbon Core v15, and one for Core v16. Make sure you have the right version for your Gibbon install. If you are running v16, please make sure you have the latest commits from:

To find out exactly what the issue is here, in terms of the PHP code, please check your web server error logs.

Hope this helps.


Hi Ross,
I am using version 1.2.03 of Data admin with Gibbon version 15.0.01.
All other procedures of data admin is working normally except “import from file”.
The error log in php shows the following line:

`[10-Jun-2018 21:19:31 Asia/Kolkata] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function getrusage() in C:\\wamp64\\www\\lms\\modules\\Data Admin\\import_run.php on line 36

[10-Jun-2018 21:19:31 Asia/Kolkata] PHP Stack trace:

[10-Jun-2018 21:19:31 Asia/Kolkata] PHP   1. {main}() C:\\wamp64\\www\\lms\\index.php:0

[10-Jun-2018 21:19:31 Asia/Kolkata] PHP   2. include() C:\\wamp64\\www\\lms\\index.php:667`

Please help.

Hi Chinmoy,

Aha, looks like this function doesn’t work on Windows pre-PHP7. I wish the PHP docs would put the platform incompatibilities at the top and a bit more noticeable :sweat_smile: Sharing the PHP log certainly helps, many thanks!

Luckily this should be a quick fix, which can be done one of two ways:

Let me know if this works for you and I’ll post the update as a new version on the Extend page. My testing workflow is for Linux and Mac so sometimes these Windows-specific bugs slip by.


Hi Sandra,
Yes, removing line 36 has solved the problem. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for quick response…

Glad to hear it’s working. I’ve released this fix and updated module on the Extend page: