Data Admin - Manage Records Error


When I try to export the table on TIMETABLE ADMIN - “Timetable - Complete”, an error occurs as shown in the attached screen. All other tables work, only this one gives error.

Gibbon v24.0.01
PHP 8.1.8
MySQL 10.6.5


Hi Alessandra, I’ll take a look into this and see what I discover. The Timetable - Complete is the most complex importer in the list, as it imports fields into multiple tables in the database in order to create a timetable structure. While the Manage Records option in Data Admin attempts to reverse the import process to create an export, it could be that the Timetable - Complete importer is simply too complex for this feature, and one reason it has been marked as “beta”. The other timetable options in the list should allow you to export the individual data separately, if that helps.