Daily Coverage Planner / Manage Substitutes

I’ve seen a similar issue cropping up and have tried to implement the suggested fixes, but still no success.

I’ve registered a staff absence, the coverage has gone through fine, but no substitutes are available. I have tried specific times and full day, there are dedicated internal substitutes and I’ve tried toggling all staff (it seems to only look at all staff, you can’t disable it at all), I’ve tried changing the priority for the staff as well, but nothing shows up for substitute availability. When I switch to viewing weekly availability I can see very clearly who is available at what times, but I can’t assign coverage from that view!

In the daily coverage planner, I’d like to assign each period to a specific teacher (we have our own methods to determine who is responsible for which periods).

I should note that I’m on v25 but I have made the GitHub repository update related to Intl (wasn’t the problem but I tried just in case).

I am wondering if there is some other missing element in the PHP that’s preventing the available substitutes from populating? I successfully edited the Reports feature (addressed in v26) to populate, so I’m certainly willing to try that!

Unfortunately I can’t migrate to v26 due to the server still being on ancient SQL.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @cSanders Are you able to share what your settings are in User Admin > Staff Settings? The substitutes that show up will depend on the Internal Coverage setting. When it’s set to No, then only staff who have been manually added via Manage Substitutes will show up. Otherwise, it should be able to show all staff. Hope this helps!

I checked, and this doesn’t seem to solve the problem. I have manually assigned teachers to internal substitutes as well, but they’re still not appearing as substitutes. Weekly View shows availability for all teachers (accurately) it’s just not showing up in the regular view nor allowing the option to assign anyone (because nobody is listed).

Not using absence approvers
I just switched to substitutes are assigned (also didn’t fix the issue)
Internal coverage is set to yes (when set to no, the assigned internal substitutes still do not appear).