Cycle number and total cycles in Reports

Hi ,

I started exploring Gibbon. And it’s great yet technical.

PL make it to me clear these in Reports
1- How to use cycle number and total cycles in Reports as in docs it’s mentioned that it will be used for commutative .
2- If we need same reports for each term with addition of previous term commulative , how to set this up.
3- Is there any example of transcript Available for reference.
4- How to add new sms gateways

It would be much appreciated if you could guide me through.

Hi @ross please answer above questions.

I was going around the questions posted before I post a duplicate question, and yes the above are crucial questions, @Shahbaz if you found the answers post here or @ross could guide us.

SMS: for numbers to work with sms what is the recommended format since when entering phone numbers in Gibbon there are 3 fields (should the third field include 06XXXXX or 6XXXXXX since country code is taken care of.

TRANSCRIPT: how to include/select exams across all the classes enrolled to.