Customized Grade Scale and Outcome Module

Hello Team, my requirement is to have a customized Grade Scale
0: No Participation
1: Novice
2: Beginner
3: Proficient
4: Advanced

Do we have any provision in Gibbon to implement this customized grade scale?
Also One outcome can have multiple sub-outcomes structure
and while designing the rubrics, the teacher will assess the students based on the sub-outcomes with the customized grade scale.
Is this feature available in Gibbon? Could you please guide me how can I implement this?


Hi Riya,

You can head to Admin > School Admin > Manage Grade Scales to set up your own grade scales.

Gibbon does not support sub-outcomes, but outcomes can be categorised into groups (Learn > Planner > Manage Outcomes). Alternatively, under Assess > Rubrics, you can set up a rubrics based on outcomes, and then report in gradations for that outcome.

I hope this helps!


Thanks Ross, now I am able to create customized grade scales. I am thinking that for each sub-outcome I will create a rubrics and then will consolidate in one markbook. can a markbook contain multiple (more than 2) rubrics?
and in rubrics design initial rows can be set to maximum 10 rows. How can we add more rows in rubrics?


In rubrics design, after defining the initial rows in rubrics for the first time. Can we add more rows to the rubrics by editing it?

It looks like you can’t add them to an existing rubric, but you can delete them, so perhaps if it’s a work in progress, create a few more rows and columns than you need, and remove the extra when you’re done.