customize twig gibbon


I want to test/play/customise with gibbon.
I read in a forum that you have to copy the default theme folder and change the name with you preference name.
I changes the background and logo. but logo doesn’t work.

and the other problem is, for explamle I want to edit a text in the front page. (welcome.twig.html).

but it doesn’t show up on the page.

I read that you have to copy the template folder in resource folder to your theme folder.

but it doesn’t work.
can someone please guide me with this?

I hope the images show up.


This is quite obvious a caching issue. I’m sure this or similar questions have been answered before. Kindly try to search. Feel free to report back if your search was not successful. :wink:

Hello! If you are going to play around with this, I’d suggest you do it with v22 development branch, which has a new theme called 2021. This is not yet the default, as we are still tweaking it, but by the time v22 ships (June 20th 2021) it will be the default. The reason for using this new theme is that it makes even more extensive use of Twig templates, and so is more customisable. It also looks much more modern!

In terms of clearing cache, as Roman suggests, this is the likely solution. Head to Admin > System Admin > Cache Manager (v21 and higher) and you can clear there. Prior to v21, this was in System Check.

As Roman says, please do try and search the forums before posting. I do believe similar questions have been asked before…but I thought I’d add the v22 bit here, as that information is new.

Cheers! Ross.

hey all,
I’m sorry that I repeated the question. and thanx for your help.

I’ve another question, I’m think it isn’t answered before lol.
Do I have to clear the cache everytime I edit the template?


@abdulfattah yes and no :wink:

You have to set your Gibbon System to development mode and you’ll not face the cache issue