Customize Fee Receipt

Dear Support Team,

I want to customize the fee receipt text and change the date formate in dd/mm/yyyy. please guide me on how to do it?

Can you please be more specific? Maybe post some pictures? :slight_smile:

@meierrom @admin

please check as per the attach image I want to modify in fee receipt. change date format in receipt.

Hi vishalr, you’ll find the code that generates the receipts and invoices in:


Specially, there are two functions:

invoiceContents() and receiptContents()

You can edit these in a text editor to get the changes you would like…but remember, they’ll be overwritten by your next Gibbon update.

If you want to contribute the changes to us, you can do so via our GitHub repo for the Gibbon core:

If they seem to suit a range of schools we’ll consider including them.