Custom Fields not working in Spanish

Hello there!

I am dealing with a problem with Custom Fields in Spanish language. I have added 5 extra custom fields to be shown for parents/staff only in the “User Manage” edit form. In English is working just fine, placing the new custom fields inside the “Background information” section.

But in Spanish, for some reason, it’s placing them in the last section “MISCELLANEOUS” and even adding a new header for “Background information”. All this only happening in Spanish language. Check out the pictures:


Any ideas on how to repair this?
Manuel Ruiz

I found the problem!! I added the Custom Fields using the system in English, and in the DB the custom fields were being added with the header in English, so when we changed the language, it was not finding the right header.

No… Another error now… When using Gibbon in Spanish and trying trying re-add the custom fields when I click on the “User” context", the Heading dropdown only shows “Personalizado” o “[Custom]”

Doubled checked again installing testing Gibbon on a Linux OS. The heading dropdown in Custom Fields form is not working in any other language except English, (tried Spanish and French).

Any ideas?

foreach ($headings[$context] as $key => $value) {

// $contextHeadings[Basic_Information_User] = Información básica
$contextHeadings[$key . ‘_’ . $context] = $value;

// $group[Información básica_User] = User
$group[$value . ‘_’ . $context] = $context;

This is what code is returning when in Spanish language and here is part of the bug that is making Custom Fields not work in other languages (tried in Spanish and French, so far).

This loop fills the dropdown with contextHeadings before Custom.

The bug is also in the “edit” Custom fields as well.

Also checked the softaculous demo and it has the same problem.

Hi Manuel, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve made a note to look into this in depth, we’re on our Chinese New Year holiday this week in HK and will be back to work next week. In the meantime, if you do manage to find a fix on your end, please do share it with us and we’d be happy to add it to the core. Thanks!

Thank you, Sandra! I will be checking carefully the code, and let you know what I have come across.

Hello Sandra, I recorded a video for you: I have partially found a fix for the Custom fields issue in other languages.

Let me know…

As you watch, please remember that English is my second language.

Sandra, I was able to find a solution.

How can I send you guys my suggestions?

Hi Manuel,

Sounds like you been busy, and successful! You can contribute changes to our v23.0.01 branch on GitHub:

Our Developer Workflow docs should help:



Hi Manuel, thank you for helping to find a solution and sharing your clear and informative video about it :smiley: I’ve created a PR to fix this issue, which includes fixes to the heading dropdown as suggested in your video, as well as a fix to the heading system in the Form classes, which now properly handles heading translation.

You can find the fix here and apply it to your system: We will merge this into the v23.0.01 development branch and release it along with some other fixes in the coming weeks. Thanks!

Wow!!! Loving this opportunity to contribute. The IT Committee of our school is going to get together soon and I will be presenting Gibbon as our first step toward having a centralized School Management system… Really excited!

Hi Manuel, we love your enthusiasm and excitement for Gibbon : ) It is contagious!