Custom Alerts on Student Profile

So with all the changes to education that COVID has brought, I’m trying to find ways to give instant information about a student and their enrollment status (full, virtual, distance learning). We use the privacy, medical, behavioral alerts on the student profile when needed, but is there a way we can add a custom alert that displays a little alert tag above the student profile picture? it would be SUPER handy to look at a student profile and see a little “OC” flag for off campus.


Hi Victoria, this is a neat idea, and one we’ve considered in the past. It’d be quite a substantial change, and so it’s not been done yet. At the moment a lot of our (limited) resources are going into modernising the codebase, and so we can’t move on this now. However, it is something we are considering.

Thanks : )


Hi Victoria,

As luck would have it I was asked for the exact same change recently for two of the schools I help support. Our solution was to use the Day Type option to add types for Full, Distance, and Hybrid (for their use-cases). Then, we added a purple D tag to the student alerts for any student that was not Full. Here’s the code, which you can add to functions.php around line 1046:

` // Get Person Data
        try {
            $dataPersonField = array('gibbonPersonID' => $gibbonPersonID);
            $sqlPersonField = 'SELECT fields, dayType FROM gibbonPerson WHERE gibbonPersonID=:gibbonPersonID LIMIT 1';
            $resultPersonField = $connection2->prepare($sqlPersonField);
        } catch (PDOException $e) {}

        $rowPersonField = ($resultPersonField->rowCount() > 0) ? $resultPersonField->fetch() : [];

        // Day-type Options
        $dayTypeOptions = getSettingByScope($connection2, 'User Admin', 'dayTypeOptions');
        if (!empty($dayTypeOptions) && !empty($rowPersonField['dayType']) && $rowPersonField['dayType'] != 'Full') {
            $alerts[] = [
                'highestLevel'    => __('Day Type'),
                'highestColour'   => '7f67a2',
                'highestColourBG' => 'ebdcf9',
                'tag'             => __('D'),
                'title'           => sprintf(__('Day Type: %1$s'),$rowPersonField['dayType']),
                'link'            => './index.php?q=/modules/Students/student_view_details.php&gibbonPersonID='.$gibbonPersonID,

Hope this helps! If there's enough interest, maybe we can make it into a core setting.

HI Sandra, I thought of day type too, but not of making it into an alert. Very nice! I think this probably would be worth including in the core for v21. Cheers! Ross

Y’all are the best! Thank you!