Cumulative Grade Issue

Good Afternoon, Dearest Teachers and Administrators and Developers,

I’ve looked in all my settings and I cannot find a way for students to see their Cumulative grades from the student views and the parent views. It’s showing on the teacher view as a cumulative grade.

But on the student view, it is not showing.

I’ve checked system admin>markbook settings (cumulative display is enabled.) Not sure what else to do.

Also, how would one differentiate a Quarter grade vs. final cumulative grade?

Thank you in advance!

OKAY I toyed with a few things and I got the cumulative grade to show on the student side. But still curious about Quarter or semester grades. Thank you!

In School Admin > Markbook Settings there’s a setting called “Group Columns by Term”. When this is turned on, each markbook column has a Date field, which is used to determine which term it falls under. There will be a new “Terms” dropdown that shows up as part of the View Markbook selector, and you should also see the marks broken down into terms on the right-hand side of the markbook.