CSV field for "First Language", "Second Language", "Third Language"

Hi team,

Is it possible to add custom spoken language fields to user profiles (i.e.“First Language” etc.)? Our students and staff speak some very local languages but I think the core list would be too long if you added all of the requested languages. Also, we are not aware of all of the names of the languages spoken by our students so it would be difficult to list all of the possibilities. I was thinking maybe a CSV list field in User Admin/Field Values to add custom languages that could be updated (like the “Nationality” CSV list field). I could add to the list in the database table but I would then need to re-enter all of the languages at each update, and I might lose some of the data.




At the moment the only option is to do it in the database table gibbonLanguage. But don’t worry, you will not need to reload them after updates, as updates almost always only add to the database, rather than removing. At some point we will move this from a database to a config file, at which point you will need to readd, but this will be a one off.