CSS crush on landing/login page

Dear Team,

I am not sure how many have been encountering css issues or related issues.

Attached below is a screenshot of the login page, css has been crushing on random occasion mostly when I am accessing through the phone. but today it happened while on desktop bowser and I thought maybe it’s a serious issue with a clean good solution.

A solution will be appreciated.

Thanks Kelvin

Hi Kelvin,
Some questions. What version is installed? Does this happen only on the login page?
What is your browser and what version?

Gibbon version 20,Google chrome on both devices. Chrome: Version 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) (64-bit)

…but then after awhile it loads back very okay.

I have the same issue… when I try to login from another device… but I can login from the host computer

The Issue for me is that I cann’t login to gibbon only I can see the login page in other device using the ip address of the server computer. once I enter my credentials it says " This Site can’t be reached Localhost refused to connect "

Hi it’s me again… Hope someone notice my Issue. I would like to add to elaborate the situation so if by anychane someone will read this and helps they will be able to discern the problem…

 When I'm using the computer where the gibbon is installed localhost server is wamp version 3.2.3 everything works fine..  I can login and edit things in the system.. 

The problem is when I try to acces the system from other device it only shows the login page… without thumbnails and pictures all images is not working. once I click login it then shows localhost refused the connection.

These are the solutions I tried.

Tried to change port 80 which is the port used by gibbon in this computer in httpd.conf file. restarted the server… then I cannot login to the system host unreachable… reverted back the port to 80, restarted the server again it works fine… Did that several times…
I also tried to listen to use the wamp server tool test port 80 nothing is using the port… tried to check the windows features if IIS is checked, it is unchecked.
Tried to change the port in wampserver to 8080 but then the gibbon system won’t come up so i reverted it back to port 80…

I disabled my entire windows firewall and added tcp port 80 as an exception. Not working either.

Everything is working fine in my local machine… except I cannot use other computer in the local network. I’m stuck in this computer… so I beg you guys if you know a way to make this work… please please please Help me…

Thanks a lot.

Hi Mark, I’ve replied to this question in the previous thread you started. Please have a look there, and we can help with any further questions you have.

Please avoid repeat postings of the same question, as it tends to slow down our team, meaning less answers for all. Thanks!