Creating data in moodle via gibbon

Hey! I just saw that gibbon offers moodle integration but I’m confused as to how much does it offer? Can I create students or teachers by first making them in gibbon and then sending them to moodle via the moodle module?

Hi Ibrahim, what you describe is exactly how Gibbon integrates with Moodle! In short, Gibbon’s Moodle module creates three MySQL views, which make data available to Moodle in a form that Moodle understands. These views are:

  • Users
  • Courses
  • Enrolment

Our documentation contains some (most likely out of date) information about what to do on the Moodle side after installation:

Good luck!


Hey! I just followed the instructions and now it says that the table contains the schema (in moodel). But how to actually get the users from gibbon? I currently have the dummy data from the installation in gibbon.

I am also having same concern that is moodle module still supported or not as mysql is deprecated in moodle 3.8 .

I just followed the process mentioned in docs but its not working I also tried using msqli but still there is error.

What you say?

I’m not getting any errors so to say. It just shows the schema of the table but the users are not accessed in moodel. Only the moodel module is populated in gibbon.

Hi Ibrahim and Ghulam,

I sounds like the compatibility between this module and Moodle may need investigated. If there is a community member who is interested in looking into this that would be awesome, since the core Gibbon developers do not use Moodle for their schools, we’re not able to offer much support.

Understandable but I would be really nice to be able to use the module. Since its not working can I upload bulk users using csvs? I could try to download moodle’s students and adjust thee csv according to gibbons requirements, that way the integration process won’t be required as much?

Hi Ibrahim, yes, you can import into Gibbon using CSV. To check this out, head to Admin > System Admin > Import From File. Thanks, Ross.

What about downloading from gibbon? Can I download student data in bulk?

SQL is your friend. :slight_smile:

Hi Ibrahim, you can use the Query Builder module to create queries, run them from within Gibbon and then download them in XLSX.

If you are interested in purchasing a Value Added License (USD $150/year), you get access to a library of 90+ useful queries, some of which might be useful for getting data over to Moodle. Included in that price we’d be happy to add the 3 queries from the Moodle module, should they help, and also create up to 2 custom queries according to your specifications.

I’d love to have the time to dig into the Moodle module and update it, but sadly there is just not the time to do this, with the release of Gibbon v20 coming up on June 20th.