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Hi, I am creating a free learning course in Gibbon and have a few questions regarding allocating free learning units to a course and a class. I have created a number of free learning units. Now I would like to take the following two actions: 1/ Link certain units to a certain course (subject). What would be the best way to create a course and then allocate units to it? 2/ This course will be taught repeatedly, but to different classes. How can I create a class within a course? Thank you in advance for your help! Elke

Hi Elke,

Welcome to the forum…and the community : )

At the moment, Free Learning does not support attaching units to courses, you can only attach them to a department. The only integration with courses and classes exists at the Enrolment stage, where a student can opt to sign up for a unit with a specific class: this means that the teacher of that class becomes the mentor for that student.

I am working on a course structure for Free Learning, and hope to have it released in the next couple of weeks.



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Hi Ross, Found gibbon a ultimate free tool to use for a school but found difficult to upload courses or any study material for students like ( pdf, video, audio) to it.
I have installed moodle successfully but not able to found under main navigation where i can pull or show study material in gibbon.
if the feature is not there in gibbon or moodle will not support thn is there any other tool in can link it from gibbon, please suggest.


Hi @nagendra, welcome to the Gibbon forums. There is a module on the Extend page for connecting Gibbon and Moodle, but I believe it’s just to help connect the user login accounts, and not any other media or materials. Gibbon does contain lesson planning features, but it’s not a full Learning Management System like Moodle, so it does not have extensive tools for managing media like pdf, video or audio.