Creating an Academic Calendar


This is my first post! I am brand new to the community and Gibbon. My roles are admin, teacher, and a sprinkle of developer. I am trying to create an academic calendar for the semester terms. My supervisor sent me this table in a PDF file and this is what she wants me to reproduce in Gibbon:

I see that the timetable and planner functions are more for linking to a specific class instead of appearing to the general audience of students and teachers. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I do this because I am stumped.

Hi @AdminSedona ,

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You can try setting special days with the ADMIN > School Admin > Manage Special Days option.

In the example below, I created a “School closed” day on September 4, 2023 and a “Timing change” day on September 5, 2023.

Here is the result in a student’s timetable.

I don’t know if this can help you?

Gibbon : v26.0.00 ca-fr, PHP v8.2.10, MySQL v8.0.36, Ubuntu 23.10.1

Hi @AdminSedona, welcome to the Gibbon community. Does your school use either Google or Microsoft? Gibbon does support calendar integration for these two platforms, so if you had a school calendar with important dates, you can set these through the SSO integration in System Admin > Third Party Settings, and then Gibbon will bring in the calendar dates and add them to everyone’s timetable. It can also bring in personal calendar events when a user logs in using the SSO account. Perhaps this might be of use.