Creating a report

I am trying to create a report and following step by step the guidelines Gibbon v1.05, but once i enter the Design section i found nothing. In the guidelines it says in Design sections i will able to enter any text or subject or comment, but i could not find anything in my Design page. I attached here the screenshot of our Design page. Can you please advice why my design section is blank?

Thank you.


@andystat is the author of the Reporting module, so let’s see if he has any input here. Andy?



Hello, i am still waiting for your support regarding my problem above. Thank you.

I have been debugging this today, and I found the reason. @andystat has written the Reporting code with some hard-coded strings and IDs in the Report Designer for the Section types. You need to have your arrReportSectionType looking like this:

reportSectionTypeID sectionTypeName
1 Text
2 Subject (row)
3 Subject (column)
4 Pastoral
5 Page Break

It’s now creating reports with correct data.