Create New Year & Transfer Students in New Year

Dear Support Team,

please tell me what is the steps of create new year and transfer to students.

I try but not working rollover.

Please check this out: :slight_smile:

Hi vishalr, hopefully the docs that Roman has provided help, but if not, please feel free to follow up with specific questions on where you are stuck.

Thanks Roman : )


after rollover there is miss-match data in Year Group and From Group.

There is required any steps before start rollover.

there is again ask Year Name, Start Date and End Date

@admin @meierrom

Hi vishalr, if you want the form group to be set automatically, you need to edit this year’s form groups, and set the Next Form Group field to the desired form group. This will then ensure that the Rollover screen is pre-populated. Let us know if this helps. Ross

Thanks @admin

I have updated next rollgroup from desired group, their show message me successfully update roll group but after change academic year there is not show student list

The students will not be enroled in the new roll groups until after the rollover. But, the rollover will be pre-set with the values you have established by setting Next Roll Group. You can always pre-populate the new roll groups if you like. Thanks, Ross.

Thank you very much @admin