Create New Assets for Progress Report

Dear Support Team,

i want to attach data of progress report in reports module but there is not core template for progress report. I think there is one option for create new assets of progress report, please guide me how to create and attach in Reports.

Hi vishalr,

Are you able to explain and perhaps provide some examples of the data you’re looking to attach? If you’re looking for “progress reports” in the sense of report cards that many schools create in regular intervals, these can be managed through Reporting Cycles, and then there are some built-in examples of how to add reporting cycle data to the templates via the assets in the Template Builder. Be sure to check out the docs and give a shout with any questions:

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for the response.

Also, could you please show me how to add a mark book module to the report module’s template builder?

Hi vishalr,

The markbooks are live data, edited by teachers and constantly changing. For this reason, we don’t pull them directly into the reports. Here’s a previous posts that can help explain our thinking in this regard: