COVID 19 setup for school offering Distant and Hybrid Learning Options

I am looking for advice for starting up new year with rapidly changing parameters being students doing distant learning, hybrid learning (3 days face to face, 2 days home) and full time.

What is the best way to tag students in a homeroom that are doing distance and hybrid option but remain part of the homeroom. So teacher can know who is suppose to be in school for taking attendance and showing up to a lesson?

I have gone with adding a criteria to attendance “Present - Distance Learning” which is great if they log in at the beginning of the day but that won’t be the case for most. So it doesn’t show who should be in the class in school for other subject teachers.

But they need to be tagged for more than just attendance, they get reduced fees, reports etc should we have options added under status? This will change during the year

That then puts a tag above their photos like you have for inclusive students to make the teachers aware who is in school. Btw I do not know how to do that?

Ideas please
Thanks Brian

Hi Brian,

Nice to hear from you, and yes, many new things to consider for this year!

In order to be able to list the type of student, check out Admin > User Admin > User Settings, and look at Day-Type Options. Adding “Full,Distant,Hybrid” to this will allow you to choose, when editing a student, what type they are.

The quickest way to provide this to teachers is as a spreadsheet: you could customise Gibbon to display it with the other alerts (like IN/inclusive that you mention), and @ross might be the person to speak to about this.

Hope this helps get you started!



Thanks Ross we will be talking with Sandra about this as suggested