Hi team,
I have no Idea on the topic coverage and how it works. People - staff - Coverage Manage Staff Coverage - my coverage . I did try somethings as an admin as I am a teacher but no idea how it works and its functionality. Any documentation is available on it specially staff section as I never used the staff section earlier.

Hi Paschal, good questions. Coverage refers to having staff (either internal or external) take lessons for absence staff. Sometimes these are called substitute or sub teachers. The Staff module deals with both absences, and then allows cover teachers to be assigned. Sandra is the brains behind this module, so let’s see if she can help.

@ross how feasible would it be for you to put some documentation together for this?



Tanks Ross. As I was testing how leave absense works but I could not substitute a teacher even as admin when a request was sent.

@admin Yep, definitely another area in need of documentation :sweat_smile:

Paschal, be sure to add the potential substitute to the list in Manage Substitutes. This tells the system who is available to cover for other teachers. It can be a teacher within your system, as well as an outside user such as a parent or dedicated sub.

Hi Sandra,
Thanks for the reply. Well i figured that out to add as a potential substitute internal and external. In our school we have only internal substitutes. I have tried the substitution but what happens is when I do a substitution for a teacher the substitute teacher is assigned to all classes of the assigned teacher. Another thing is when I choose manage staff coverage and add coverage uncheck all day time slots are available. How do I change that timing according the the time table (timings of each period) so we can find substitute teachers who are available during that particular period/ class ( Time).
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Hi Sandra,
Thanks for a good job, Is it possible to add Staff daily Attendance to be taken daily to monitor the punctuality and regularity of Staff presence in the school, my view though!

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Hi Francis,

A staff attendance feature is not part of Gibbon. I think it is unlikely that it would be added to the core, as the schools that contribute to Gibbon’s development may have ideological objections to monitoring their staff in this way.

As an open source platform it is possible for a skilled PHP programmer to develop this feature as an additional module, if it was necessary for their school:

? it is sad that Gibbon has no option to monitor staff attendance, but i am happy i finally found an answer to this at least.
Thanks everyone

Hi Aziz!
Thank you for helping to resolve the issue of Staff attendance, Please how can we access your solution as we are interested to add it to our Gibbon installation to take our staff attendance.

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