Coverage - what is the use of the "value" field in Home > Staff > Manage Staff Absences > Edit" ?


As the title says, the question is: what is the use of the field "Value in “Home > Staff > Manage Staff Absences > Edit Absence > Edit” ?

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Hi Ricardo,

Some schools track the number of days that teachers have absences for, as well as track the number of specific types of absences. In Gibbon, a full day absence has a value of 1.0 when counting these days, and a half-day absence has a value of 0.5 (the thresholds for these can be set in User Admin > Staff Settings). The value is editable should an administrator wish to override the automatically calculated value. All of the values are tallied up per staff member in the Staff > Staff Absence Summary report, as well as in the individual View Absences page per staff member.

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