Courses vs Classes

Hey there,

We are very new to gibbon and just have started using it. I’m a bit puzzled about the difference between Courses & Classes.
Would you be able to shed light on the difference or rather the relation between a course and a class.

I can explain using an example.
Course is Super set as English6 (English for Grade 6)
Class is a subset for example you have 3 sections of Grade 6 then you can name classes as 1 , 2 and 3 .
Then It will show as English6.1 , English6.2, English6.3

Hope this answer your query.

Thank you for explaining that.
So basically, the class is the actual class that a group of students will end up taking.

So the planner works on the class or the course?

Hi @omarosh good question. The Lesson Planner works at the class level, and the Unit Planner works at the course level. This reflects the fact that many departments work together to plan units, and so it is useful to share across a course. However, you can target a unit at one or more classes, so there is a lot of control and variation possible. Thanks, Ross

@ghulamabbas92 thanks for pitching in : )