Course Selection Module - No Course offerings are being displayed

Good afternoon,

I’ve recently installed the Course Selection Module into Gibbon, and I’ve followed the instructions of previous posts. I’ve allowed Course Selection access, made course blocks, and made course offerings, yet this is how it looks like from the student’s point of view.

We’ve turned off requiring staff approval, and the “something random” statement is from the information section where I put random sentences to source the issue. Within course offerings, this is how it looks like:

I’ve tried a lot of methods and each one has led me to a dead end. Is there anything else that can be done to make course offerings visible?

Hi @moabdisamad2 From what I can see, you’ve done everything correctly, so it is odd that you’re not seeing the course selection offerings. Can I check that in the Settings for the module, that you have 2024-2025 set as the target school year?

Is the student that you’re testing with enrolled in either the current or target school year? It looks like access is configured correctly, however the selection page is not finding and offerings that match that student’s year group. This could be a case of the student not having an enrollment, or the enrollment not matching one of the available offerings.

Hope this helps troubleshoot! Give a shout if it still isn’t working. I have a school that is actively using the system now, so it should be pretty well battle-tested.

Hello Sandra! Sorry for the late response. I was able to figure out the course selection issue (I didn’t assign students to Form Groups), but I am unable to view their upcoming timetables.

Edit: This is how it looks from the Admin and Student side

Thanks @moabdisamad2, I’ve just fixed the bug and have created v1.2.08, which you can find here: Releases · SKuipers/module-courseSelection · GitHub