Course Selection Fail

So, I seem to be having some trouble using the Course Selection module. I created all of the courses, and classes, and then assigned them to their respective periods throughout my A/B Day schedule. I then went through all of the students’ requests for 7th Grade, and inputted what was required, and what was requested. I then approved all of the requests. However, when I went to the timetabling engine, it wouldn’t apply any of the scheduling changes to the students. It kept saying all of the students’ timetabling failed. I’m not sure why this is. (The students had already been enrolled in a Biology class and respective lab class, however I had hoped the timetabling engine would schedule around this!)

Let me know,

Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu)
Gibbon: v24.0.00dev
PHP Version: 7.4.3
MySQL Version: 8.0.29
Course Selection: v1.2.01

Here is an error log as well. There has been a lot of behind the scenes work happening today, so there is probably a lot of unwanted data there, but hopefully something useful lies within! :smile:

Hi Jack, thanks for your patience, it’s been a busy couple days getting v24 out the door.

This does look unusual. I’ve had a look through the error log and the first thing I notice is that the Grades feature seems to be highly specific for the school this module was designed for, and requires some other legacy reporting modules, so in Course Selection Settings at the bottom I would be sure to turn the grades option off.

Thanks for the detailed PDFs. The results are odd, it looks like it went through 14 million combinations and wasn’t able to find any that fit. Generally, it should return incomplete timetables even if it fails, but it doesn’t seem to be doing even that. It’s a complex module, so hard to say what might be the issue. Some places to start:

  • Are you targeting it at an upcoming school year that has a timetable already created? This module can find timetable combinations for students, but doesn't create the timetable.
  • In course selection settings, have you set the minimum and target class counts? This will help it know how many students it can put in each class. Ideally, each course would have one or more classes, and it would find the best combinations of classes for each student.
  • Are you able clear the results and share a screenshot of the settings you used when running the engine? Can you try running it with a conflict tolerance higher than 0, this may help it generate an incomplete timetable, and help spot which courses it's having issues finding a match for.
  • Are you able to share a screenshot of what the upcoming timetable looks like?

Hopefully we can help get this working for you, as it sounds like you’ve done all the data entry, and it can be a very useful tool when it is able to run.