Course Evaluation by Students

Good day. Is there a way for Students to encode their evaluation of the class? For example, students can choose from a low of “1” to a high of “7” among the categories:

Clarity of Course Objectives
Organization of the Course
Teaching Methods
Class Discussions
Clarity of Assignments
Teacher’s Preparation for Class

In addition to a textbox for essay-type suggestions on improving the course

Very interesting idea! I would be interested in this aswell. :slight_smile:

I don’t think this can be done currently. A new module is likely needed for this.

That is indeed a nice idea, especially if the questions could be customised. Another short term option is to use a Google Form, or other online survey, and link/embed it from within a class’s Lesson Planner. Cheers, Ross.

Thanks @meierrom and @admin . We currently use Google Form for this, but some of our offsite students cannot access it because Google is blocked by their governments. I know the team’s plate is full, but I hope this can be considered for inclusion to future version of Gibbon :slight_smile:

Hi Richard, that makes sense. I’ll keep this one in mind, but the odds are low: as much as l like it, all the plates are full! If your organisation wanted to hire an external programmer to work on this, we’d be happy to offer some guidance. Cheers, Ross.

Hi Ross given the full plates of the team I can understand putting this on the nice-to-have-but-not-necessary list :slight_smile: