Could not create parents

Hello all,
I am adding a new student through the standard Student Application Form.
The student has been created, including as a user.

However, the student is NOT registered in a form group. is selected in the enrollment form.
Also comes a warning, " Could not create parents". However, the family is visible through the student profile and thus created.

So the student must then be manually enrolled in a class.
Why does the automatic creation of parents as user not work?

Thanks for a reply

Hi rovanov, can you confirm by “standard Student Application Form” are you using the original application form, rather than the new one in Form Builder/Admissions (v24). Is this happening in all cases, or just this one case? Also, be sure to check that your parents have an email address set, as I believe an account cannot be created if certain requires fields are missing. Feel free to share some screenshots with private information blacked out to help illustrate the issue you’re seeing.

Wow thank you Sandra!
I thought you were already decorating the Christmas tree.

On 1: My mistake, sorry.
I had removed some (not * required) fields from the entry form. Apparently these fields do get checked for the DB.

At 2: A great initiative the new Form Builder!!!
But when I fill it out myself, the family is captured. (I have 2 roles: admin and parent.)
After creating a new & fresh administrator and now use the new Form Builder Admission form, I get the error message: see screenshot.

The red bar after I click ‘next’: Your command was not executed due to a database error.

Thanks rovanov, this is a bug that we’ve identified and fixed in v25, releasing Jan 20, 2023. You can see the fix here if you’d like to apply it to your current installation: Otherwise the best workaround is to be logged out when creating blank applications, for now.