Copying reporting cycles to new year - unable to generate reports

I have a problem with the reports module.
I’ve copied a reporting cycle from 2022-2023 to 2023-2024 school year.
It worked well in 2022-2023, and I can add marks to the students in this year’s reporting cycle, but when I try to generate, it shows 0 students in each year group and I can generate anything.

I’d really like to be able to re-use last year’s reporting cycle because I spent much time getting it to look like I want it to.
I was able to generate reports last year.
Any idea what I might have done wrong ?

Apologies, I forgot to add the screen capture for this year :

Finally, after going through the whole process again, I found I had missed to select the newly copied reporting cycle in the Manage reports page.

Hi Doris, thank you for your question and update with your solution. My apologies for the delay in a response, it’s been a busy holiday season. I’ll have a look at the interface to see if I can make these steps more clear. To confirm, was it a case where you had created a new report in Manage Reports before copying the new Reporting Cycle, and therefore needed to go back and edit the report to connect it to the new reporting cycle? Thanks

Hi Sandra,
If I remember correctly, I had created the report before copying the reporting cycle, but when things didn’t seem to work, I created a new report to see if that solved the problem. That’s when I realised that the report was pointing to the wrong reporting cycle.