Converting Database to SQL8

Hello Ross/Sandra,

With the soon-to-be-released update of Gibbon, what is the best way to convert the database from MYSQL5 to MYSQL 8? Would it be:
a) Export the data and convert the DB before updating the platform.
b) Export the data, install a fresh production version with the new update and import data back to a MYSQL 8 database.

Alternatively, is there a preconfigured script routine in the update allowing the option to convert to MYSQL 8?

Thanks and best regards.
Andy (British West Indies Collegiate).

Hi Andy, this is a good question. I don’t believe the database does need converted when switching from MySQL5 to MySQL8. I work with schools using both versions, and have updated from one to the other in the past, and recall that everything has been backwards compatible with the data itself. As long as you make a backup of your database in a secondary location (to be on the safe side), you should be good to update your MySQL software version without any adverse effects on your data. If you did encounter issues, then your Option B sounds like a good way to go, where you export all the tables, create a new database, and import the tables into it. Hope this helps! Sorry for the delay in a response, it’s been a busy time of the school year :sweat_smile: